A news report on the filing of suits for the return of BTC by some creditors

A news item has reported that some creditors of Mt. Gox have filed an action, as of February 19, 2018, in Tokyo District Court, seeking the return of approximately 200,000 BTC, with the Mt. Gox bankruptcy trustee as the defendant.

According to these reports, the plaintiffs assert as follows: BTC managed by Mt. Gox comprises a trust property, therefore even if the ownership of BTC is not established, the BTC can be recovered. If the plaintiffs’ claims are upheld, the results would be the same as in the lawsuit which claims for the return of the BTC, which the creditors had raised previously.

Currently, we have petitioned the Tokyo District Court for the commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings of Mt. Gox, and are undertaking various preparations for the decision to commence the rehabilitation proceedings. As the lawsuit raised this time has no effect on our activities, we will continue to work toward the decision to commence the rehabilitation proceedings.

In addition, we would like post, not only news about Mt. Gox, but also various information concerning the commencement of rehabilitation proceedings, therefore please check our website.



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