The Examiner’s Report

The Examiner has submitted The Examiner’s Report to the Tokyo District Court, as of February 28, 2018. The conclusion of the report is as follows.

The Examiner considers that MTGOX does not fall under Article 25, Items 2 to 4 of the Civil Rehabilitation Act. However, this conclusion assumes that the following measures are taken before the decision to commence the rehabilitation proceedings (in other words, the discontinuation of the bankruptcy proceedings), that ensure the benefits of the bankruptcy creditors (especially those having monetary claims corresponding to bankruptcy claims) who filed proofs of claims in the bankruptcy proceedings of MTGOX.  Those benefits are the benefits already expected to be obtained in terms of the bankruptcy proceedings, considering the size of the bankruptcy estate formed up to the present time.

The court has not decided whether or not CR shall commence; however, pursuant to the report, we expect that the court will issue an order to commence CR, with the condition that Mt. Gox will take measures to ensure the benefits of the bankruptcy creditors. We do not have any information concerning the details of such measures, but we will inform you of it when we have received it.